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This is a guest authored post by The Iron Tamer Dave Whitley. Dave is a highly entertaining public speaker and the author of Superhuman You.

The Iron Tamer in Action!

“Imagine only such states that are of value or promise well.”- Neville Goddard

You have certainly been exposed to more than your fair share of fear lately.

As a species, we humans don’t know what is going to happen. Often our uncertainty leads to fear.

We also have a tendency to share fearful, stressful or potentially dangerous news.

This probably comes from our stone-age days. When one member of the tribe discovered danger, they would immediately warn the rest of the tribe.
What was a great strategy for dealing with a sabertooth tiger is less favorable on Facebook.

Most of you are entrepreneurs with families. How well can you help your family feel safe or provide value to your customers if you are constantly in a state of worry, doubt and fear?

Remember this Universal Truth: You will either control your internal state or you will allow external circumstances it to control it. And you. There is no other option.

“Ok, Dave, but HOW do I control a fear state?”

Excellent question and you are certainly not he only person asking it.

First, you must recognize it for what it is: A state.

Ask yourself “Am I actually in danger, right now, this very instant?”

Probably not. An uncritical observation will almost always reveal that you are ok, right now, in this moment. If there is no actual, immediate saber-tooth-tiger level danger, then fear is not helpful.

Second, you must have a desired state.

Do want to be in a fear state or a safe state? What does a safe and happy state look like for you? What does it feel like? Can you remember a time that you felt it? Can you imagine a set of circumstances that would bring you that same feeling?

Third, you detach from your unwanted thoughts and feelings by replacing them with wanted thoughts, by way of your imagination. The subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the difference between what is happening in 3D reality and what is vividly imagined.

This takes practice. It is a skill to be developed, controlling where your thoughts go. It is totally worth it though. You cannot always control a thought that comes into your mind. But can control whether you remain in that thought.

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