Play Ball!

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Summer means baseball, and I got to spend some time at my 16 year old nephew’s games this weekend.  This young man had some very good insights:

  1. “I try to get on base 1-2 times per game.”  You don’t have to get a hit every time up if you have enough plate appearances.  And a walk still gets you on base and allows your team to score potentially.
  2. “If it’s outside my comfort zone, I just let it go.”  If the ball is outside, don’t swing.  Don’t strike yourself out.  Not everyone is a good client, so let those that aren’t just pass you by.
  3. “I kept an eye on the ball all the way in.”  If you take your eye off the ball at the last second, even if you have done everything right up to that point, you’ll still ground out.
  4. “I watched where the other players were and that they bobbled it.”  Yeah, other people messing up can create an opportunity for you to advance or score.
  5. “I ran hard right out of the box.”  Don’t wait until partway through the year (or play) to start running hard.  From the instant of contact, bust it!
  6. “I listened to my coach and did as they said.”
  7. “I practiced that.”

This young man might not make it to the Big Leagues, but he’s already got a championship attitude that is going to serve him well on the diamond and in the office.  Maybe you should consider his insights, and then play ball!

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