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“Play Ball!” is one of the greatest phrases in the English language, especially after a long and brutal winter.  It embodies hope for a new season, the warmth of summer around the corner, and a daily chance to step up and be the team hero.  Every day a chance for a hit.

Financial services is a baseball season.  Every at bat is important and shouldn’t be given away, but should be forgotten the next time you stride to the plate.  Do you learn from each day, each meeting, but then turn the page and take a fresh attitude to the next interaction?

To qualify for a batting title, a player needs to have 3.1 plate appearances per team game.  As a Rep you need 3.1 plate appearances (meetings) per day to compete for a title, anything less and you will not have enough at bats to do something of significance, you’re just having a cup of coffee in the Big Leagues.  Are you getting enough reps?

Anybody can hit a homerun.  Even 5’5” Jose Altuve does occasionally.  But he won an MVP award because he grinds out 200+ hits a year and hustles on every play.  Are you busting it every day, every minute like he does?

Mike Trout signed the biggest contract in sports history because he is talented obviously but he trains and plays with his heart and soul and everything he has, every day.  Do you give All World effort constantly?  Or are you just giving minor league effort?My Yankees have more titles than any professional sports team on the planet.  Yet the hated Red Sawx won the title last year and Aaron Judge has everyone in pinstripes fired up, filled with the mission of landing Number 28.  Do you rest on your laurels, or do you have the mindset that you have to win the meaningless games in April to have the advantage come October so you can make MDRT

Curt Schilling  is on the cusp of the Hall Of Fame, and he invested hours every day studying his competition and his own mechanics to improve, to be better.  Instead of partying like other players of his era, he invested his time and applied technology to get better, improve his weaknesses, and ultimately hoist a trophy.  Do you use technology to supplement your desire and hone your skills to be ready for the big game?

Do you believe every meeting you have is critical, as Joe Dimaggio did with every pitch and at bat and game of his career?

This game, this game of life and financial planning is important.

It is a game and needs to be fun, but it is serious and you need to be a professional.  Every week, every day, every meeting is critical because that meeting you want to half-ass at 4:00 on Friday is the most important meeting in that client’s life.  Give everything to that meeting like it is the bottom of the ninth in Game 7 of the World Series.  Because every pitch matters.

Spring is when all teams have hope, when all fans can dream of October glory.  But the champions, the ones that will compete for and win that title, have been prepping every single day for years and decades to perform in that 0.5 seconds between when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand and crosses home plate.

Because one swing can change the game.

Don’t leave the bat on your shoulder.

Swing for the fences.

Play Ball!

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