Quick Fix

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There is no pill.

There is no silver bullet or magic potion.

Want to lose weight?  Eat less and exercise more.  It is about caloric deficit, expending more energy than you intake.  Change what you eat and increase your activity levels.  If you are not a hundred plus kilograms overweight, radical surgeries and the like are not needed: some discipline and compounding small changes are.  No overnight miracle, but over time great changes and improvements.

Want to increase your production and build a successful business?  There is no Harry Potteresque magic words or alien technology to move the pieces into place.  You are going to have to work at it.  More hours, or better yet more effective hours like the difference between modern machinery and putting logs under heavy stones then pulling with animals.  Smarter work, but you are still going to have to work.  And you need to learn to operate the machines, plus it still takes time and dirty messy work to build something worthwhile.  Rome was not built in a day as the saying goes.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die as the Marines say.  They also say that pain is weakness leaving the body, and it doesn’t leave in a nice cushy sauna with sandalwood and herb scents and a fluffy robe.  It is sweated out through intense work on all levels.  You are going to have to work, and it is going to take time to improve, to convert weaknesses to strengths.  Celebrating and pampering yourself is not bad, but if you don’t go through bootcamp and fight in the trenches often you can’t truly appreciate the nice things because they aren’t earned, they are a distraction from emptiness instead of a reward for accomplishments and well earned.  The greatest celebrations happen after the hardest fought victories.

Make the little hard choices.  Call that client that scares you.  Ask people for Introductions.  Sacrifice the time to study your craft, and practice your verbiage.  Trade time for excellence now so you can have more time and rewards in the future.

There is no pot of gold just because you want easy riches.  There is however a gold mine, and there are tools to help you get to work.  Pick them up and dig beneath the surface, break a sweat to break through to where the precious material lay waiting, because others won’t do the work so can’t get the rewards that go to those willing to bust their hump over time.

If success comes easy it can disappear just as quickly.  But the process of becoming a champion leaves marks on your soul.  The imprint of hard work, of discipline and sacrifice echo over the years.  Awaken the echoes of excellence.

As Nobel Peace Prize and Congressional Medal of Honor Winner Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed: Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life.  Choose the harder path, the more difficult choices and earn the life of envy.  That might be a bitter pill to swallow, but once you do you are on the path to glory.

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