Raise Your Standards

Raise the Bar
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If you want more Introductions, raise your standards.

Raise your standards of yourself, on what you do for your clients. Focus on creating more value for them. Listen more. Be more attentive to the details. Then you should get more Introductions, because you now deserve them.

Raise the standards of your service team, even if it is only you. Make sure your clients have the attention that they need and deserve. Ensure a better experience than your competitors can even comprehend of delivering. Then you will get more Introductions, because our team deserves them.

Raise the standards of your offices. Clean off the desk. Make better coffee. Upgrade your internet for online meetings. Play light classical music to create a calmer, more intellectually stimulating and productive environment. Then you will get more Introductions, for excellence is shared.

And raise the standards of your clients. Tell them what you expect in terms of openness and communication. Tell them you expect them to treat you and your team like the professionals that you are, to honor their word as you do. Educate them, give them a long range vision of what you want to help them accomplish. Coach them to excellence, with the expectation that they can do it and want to be better than they are now in many ways.

Continuous improvement is a key expectation in engineering, and if you apply it to yourself with short feedback loops you will improve dramatically and quickly. Lead by example and expect those around you to join you, as the rising tide raises all boats.

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