Power Phrases

We all want that Silver Bullet. That one sentence that overcomes all resistance and magically makes clients open their phones and introduce you to their best contacts with a glowing reference.

Not happening.


You can alter people’s perceptions and force cognitive dissonance that pushes them into a new way of looking at you and your request for Introductions to others that you can help. You can alter the dynamic, shifting power back to you as the professional so that the person you are talking with becomes an ally as opposed to an adversary and aids you in your mission to bring your services to those that need them.

Fill your mental arsenal with these Power Phrases. You will rarely use them, but when you do whip one of them out and fire it off, the effect can be sudden and devastating. As the Special Forces adage goes: better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  1. Let me ask you a question about that.
  2. So have I done anything unprofessional like that?
  3. Let’s explore that idea for a moment.
  4. And that’s a bad thing?
  5. So if I hear you correctly, you are saying…
  6. No. That is not true, because…
  7. Hmmm. That makes sense. But have you considered…
  8. You agreed that when I added value, you would introduce me to other people I can potentially benefit. You just told me that I did help you, that I created value. Are you a person who keeps their word?
  9. I see your perspective. However, have you thought about it from their point of view?
  10. I’m sorry. I thought you just said (repeat what they said).
  11. My job is to speak for those who can’t.
  12. So you think it’s OK to not honor your word?
  13. Let me get this straight. You are now saying that no, I didn’t help you when ten minutes ago I you said I helped you avoid a HUNDRED THOUSAND dollar mistake. Which is it?
  14. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were the type of person who kept their word.
  15. Excuse me, can you repeat what you just said but slowly. I think I am missing something.
  16. Are you familiar with the term “Cognitive Dissonance?”
  17. Let’s do some math, and if the numbers add up in terms of the value I’ve created for you, will you honor your word to introduce me? I think XXX dollars of value is sufficient, don’t you? Ok, let’s crunch the numbers… (and calculate with them how much money you saved them or made them).