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Sometimes you just need to rest.

So you don’t break. 

Because recovery takes a lot longer if you don’t do the preventative maintenance.

Like sending the kids back to school after summer vacation and you close the door and enjoy the silence for a few minutes after the chaos.

After running an ultramarathon, my body doc (Dr. Baaden, aka “Magic Hands”) forbade me from running for a week or lifting for several days so I could heal and recuperate.  Given all the work she’s done putting me back together, I follow doctor’s orders to rest and let time work its magic. Even if I don’t want to.

If you work hard (as opposed to hardly working, or filling your day with busy work instead of productive activities) and are exhausted day after day from pushing yourself, schedule a day off.  Maybe away from your kids, especially if they are as draining as mine.  Maybe from your spouse too, if you need a straight up “me day” for your physical and/or mental health.  Look in your calendar and find one day in the next three weeks that you can disappear and take care of you.

Maybe you’ve been pushing yourself studying, for that licensing exam.  I took two days after I passed the CFP® exam because I had been studying to the point the exam was cake but I was still fried.  Let your brain rest.

The day after I finished my newest book “Every Day Excellence” (I wrote 3-6 pages a day for almost six months on end), I literally wrote nothing but love poetry for the next several days and had to remind myself “no, I don’t have to write this morning!”  The break was well worth it.

Push yourself as hard as you can, but schedule time off from it  Over training is dangerous for athletes and white collar professionals too.  Rest will let you be better and more productive when you return.

Muscles grow not when stressed while lifting but after during recovery.

Neurons are enhanced not during the effort of learning but in the sleep that happens after.

Rest, so that you can be your best.

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