Run Hard

Run Towards the Light!
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June 1st is Global Running Day.

It is also a Monday, and the first day of your activity month.

A perfect intersection of timing.

Run harder than you thought possible today. Just today.

Pick up the phone and schedule a week of meetings if you aren’t completely booked up already.

Call your best clients and reinforce the relationship, and ask for Introductions so you get as many today as you would normally get in a week.

Push yourself as hard today as you would at the end of any race. Because you will win the day, and set up your week and month.

Look at today as the one day that determines your success for the entire summer, because it really is.

Run harder than you ever have, just for one day.

Sprint until you are out of breath.

Then pause and run again.

And again.

Push yourself for this one glorious day.

Consider it race day, and you want to hit a PR (Personal Record).

The work you do today will have long legs and carry you for a month potentially.

But if you really are a runner, in under a week you’ll recover from today’s effort and want to challenge yourself again.

Become a runner.

Run hard my friend.

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