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I ran a Ragnar this weekend.

A Ragnar is a 200 mile team relay race, where each runner runs 3 legs totaling somewhere around 16.5 miles. When you are not running, you are in a van with other stinky runners.

Or trying to sleep, be it in the van or on a gym floor with 500 other runners or in a sleeping bag outside hoping it doesn’t rain in the 90 minutes you get to sleep before getting back in the van and running again.

And it is the greatest torture you can experience.

I typically do five of them in a year, but my goal is to do 12 in a year to get the Immortal Medal, which about 5-10 people get a year. Because that is what we weirdos do.

Oh, my team Road Hazahds actually had two groups do it because we had so much interest. And we did the race virtually, totally made up because there are no Ragnars right now with Covid 19 and my first three of the season were canceled, as they might all be.

We are the fun kind of crazy.

We still ran, and did 3 legs each and ran through the night and slept in tents and made fun of each other and did what we do even though we got to sleep in real beds and eat something other than peanut butter sandwiches and didn’t have stinky runner feet smell in the van.

To avoid going insane, we did something crazy.

Go do the crazy things in your business to be normal.

Pick up the phone, call your clients.

Have lunch, at a socially acceptable distance connected by the phone or computer.

Put on your work clothes, be it a suit and tie or pantsuit or a polo. Just be normal in the chaos.

Run, and run hard.

In your way.

Because you can still lace them up and go.

Because you have trained for this for years.

Because you love doing it.

There might not be a medal.

There might only be pride in what you did.

Do it anyway.


Because you can.

Run hard.

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