Small Things

Roses By The Stairs
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Blink-182 sang it best:

Late night, come home
Work sucks, I know
She left me roses by the stairs
Surprises let me know she cares

It is all the small things that make the difference in a relationship be it platonic, erotic, or professional. 

Your client takes cinnamon cream in her coffee?  Make it happen for her.

Someone having a rough quarter in their biz?  Just call and leave a quick message.

Text your client a pic of her favorite flowers after you talk one day.

Greet your client in their other language if they are multilingual.

Your assistant has a kid that gets out of school at 3:30?  Early dismissal on Friday if all the work is done so they get that extra special time with their little one.

That potential client has a little trouble hearing?  Use a voice to text service to help them not miss a beat in a conversation with you.

Send that prospect the info on a weird sports thing you randomly discussed.

Ask your client about their trip.

Send them the pumpkin spiced latte they mentioned the day before.

Make working with you an experience that your clients want to share, and they will share you.

As I joke with all of my clients: I might not help you but the entertainment value is worth the price of admission.  And they laugh, knowing what a goofball I am at times but also that they truly are getting great guidance and assistance in addition to it being a humorous experience.

One of the biggest producers I know told me when I was brand new in the business “I do a million little things differently”.  So do I now, all the small things.  So should you, in your own way.  Show you are paying attention, that you care.

Do the little things, because attention to details indicates you will do the right thing with the Big Things. 

Show you care.

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