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Some people might be offended because many of my posts appear to have a hyper masculine feeling, and for that I am unapologetic but need to explain. Because it is not about testosterone fueled competition to be the winner in a zero sum game: it is about adopting the mindset of independence and embracing the process of self improvement and results based confidence. This means many people can win the game simultaneously.

Hard work is not gender specific.

Look at any farm and more often then not you will see the women outworking the men. Hard work is one of the key attributes needed to be successful in any endeavor, be it business or sports or law. My mother, youngest of seven farm kids, taught me more about hard work than any other person.

My mom also taught me to drive a farm truck when I couldn’t see over the steering wheel (my brother worked the pedals, we were like 5), shoot a gun (best shot I have ever seen), pick a lock, and numerous other skills.

Independence is not gender specific.

In my family, everyone learned to cook (except my dad, who still is about capped out at fried bologna) and to this day I thank my mom in Heaven for teaching us how to make healthy food, for anything from 1 to 40 people at a pop. I do almost all the cooking, and am teaching my children to cook. I also do the dishes, clean the kitchen, clean, shop, and do the other things to run the household.

Contributing to the group (family, office, community, etc) is not gender specific.

I have trained thousands of Financial Reps and hundreds of martial arts students. Two of the best were a 5’3″ Korean guy and a not even five foot Mexican woman. They trained harder, had greater belief and fire in the belly, and were willing to push themselves more than more gifted students. They earned every accolade they have, and will continue to succeed beyond the dojang because of their hunger to be great.

Excellence is not gender specific.

Nor is it based on genetic history, nor country of origin, or social standing or sexual orientation.

I expect professionals to be committed to maximizing their potential. Your potential is different than mine, or your best friend’s, or the other people you entered the business with. So be it. But we all have a much higher ceiling than where we are currently operating. Unlocking more of our potential is not a male thing or an Irish thing or however some people want to classify it. It is the human nature to grow and excel.

So I apologize for the seemingly hyper-masculine/competitive tone I sometimes have, because it is the way I demonstrate tough love to help make you the best you I can. As Bruce Lee said, do not focus on the finger that is pointing and miss the beauty of the moon that it is pointing at.

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