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To Fly Again

Sometimes we struggle. Sometimes we just feel like we can’t do it; Getting up again after being knocked down yet again. Having our hopes dashed after being built up one more time. Being broken on the rocks like Icarus after


I ran a Ragnar (200ish team mile relay race) for the first time in person in over two years. The night before I slept outside, on the ground in a sleeping bag and it got cold and dewy and I was literally running on a few hours of


Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson declares “make a life for yourself in three years that will justify the suffering.” Let’s explore this. Are you sitting there in mild uncomfortableness, where you don’t like where

Quick Fix

There is no pill. There is no silver bullet or magic potion. Want to lose weight? Eat less and exercise more. It is about caloric deficit, expending more energy than you intake. Change what you eat and increase your

Championship Blues

Ever hit that big goal, and then have nothing left emotionally for a while? A post-partum feeling of emptiness and maybe even depression, the blues and blahs after hitting MDRT or having your best year ever or running that marathon?