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4:30 in the morning in the early summer it is easy to get up and hit the road. The sky is lightening with the crepuscular glow, the birds are chirping and chattering as the world awakes, and the sixty-degree temperatures are

Move It!

Sometimes, we need a little motivation to get going and accomplish our goals. Here it is. Get up. Get going. “Lots of people wanting everything and doing nothing.” Andy Frisella Do something, even if it is only a little

Meek is Not Weak

The saying “the meek shall inherit the earth” is wildly misinterpreted because of a translational issue, and has led to a hundred generations of misdirection of their aims for salvation. The correct translation is not “meek” as


I am not exceptional. I am merely exceptionally disciplined. I am not a good runner, but I have logged the miles and will do another Ragnar soon and a few weeks after that my second ultramarathon. I don’t look like a deer,