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Average is Awful

The average adult American reads less than four books per year. Read that again. If you read one book a quarter you would be in the top half of our workforce. If you read (or listened to audiobooks while commuting to work or


I ran a Ragnar (200ish team mile relay race) for the first time in person in over two years. The night before I slept outside, on the ground in a sleeping bag and it got cold and dewy and I was literally running on a few hours of

The One Warrior

Heraclitus observed 2,500 years ago that of every 100 people entering battle, 90 were useless.  9 were the real fighters who would hold the line of the battle. But the One Warrior, he would turn the tide and snatch victory and glory. 

Hard Choices

“You gain knowledge through suffering.” David Goggins. Pain is a crucible that reveals the impurities in us, and allows us to separate the dross from the superior metal. Adversity, be it mental, emotional, or physical, allows us

Go The Distance

I swore I would never do a marathon again. So this weekend I did a double marathon (an ultramarathon), because two negatives is technically a positive from a mathematics point of view. 52.5 miles, increasing in difficulty as I went