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Donuts, or Do Nots?

Donuts make me happy. They don’t make me fulfilled. Running helps me develop the mindset and discipline to be fulfilled. It is an ongoing process of challenging myself. It does not make me happy, but it does let me eat

Not an Act, But a Habit

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”  No, not Aristotle as often attributed but Will Durant summarizing the core teachings of Aristotle in a manner more palatable to modern readers. The

The Path of Most Resistance

I was listening to a podcast while working out the other morning and a single line from it resonated with me and echoed something in my soul, making me stop mid pushup and rush over to the computer to capture the concept. Restated in

Hurry Up Offense

The leaves are changing and falling. The air is crisp, and we have both baseball playoffs and football. Days are growing short, just like the calendar year. We have entered the fourth quarter of the year, and just like the

Fear Not The Serpent

The Knight confronts the Dragon, Knowing full well he may die. Better to stand and fight like a man Than to turn on his heel and fly. For battle is how we better ourselves Be it external foe, or within: Face and conquer