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Highest and Best

Psychology and The IRS actually agree on something. The Internal Revenue Service has an ideal of “highest and best use” for an asset (say a chunk of land) that could be valued at what it is currently being utilized for (say laying

Fear Not The Serpent

The Knight confronts the Dragon, Knowing full well he may die. Better to stand and fight like a man Than to turn on his heel and fly. For battle is how we better ourselves Be it external foe, or within: Face and conquer

Thoughts on Thoughts

Great things are made up of little things, whether it is a cathedral built of individual stones, a Lego Death Star built from individual blocks, or the world around us constructed of atoms. All things are built off of a vast


Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson declares “make a life for yourself in three years that will justify the suffering.” Let’s explore this. Are you sitting there in mild uncomfortableness, where you don’t like where

Hard Choices

“You gain knowledge through suffering.” David Goggins. Pain is a crucible that reveals the impurities in us, and allows us to separate the dross from the superior metal. Adversity, be it mental, emotional, or physical, allows us