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Failure Is Feedback

Failure is feedback. When you fail (assuming it is not fatal), your weaknesses are exposed. Do you sit down, review, and figure out how to succeed the next time and then go do the work? Or do you whine and moan, blame others

C and C

General and former National Security Advisor HR McMaster in his book “Battlegrounds” mentions the two conflicting forces of change and consistency: diametrically opposed concepts that must be balanced to successfully fight a war.

The Trichotomy of Control

In “A Guide to the Good Life {the ancient art of stoic joy}” William Irvine expands Epictetus’ Dichotomy of Control into a third area in a manner that every professional should harken to, as it is a superior model for how we interact with


Everyone looks at me and assumes I am this perfectly tuned, disciplined machine because I run marathons, win martial arts championships, run a high activity practice and write every day. That I’ve got it all figured out and can

Higher Needs

1954, a book was published that changed the landscape. It pushed psychology into the mainstream, into conversations that happen from middle school through middle age and beyond. It draws from sociology, physiology, and philosophy