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Competence Creates Confidence

Forget “fake it until you make it”. That’s empty bravado. Clients will be able to see through it. Be honest and authentic. If you don’t know, tell them so and what your plan to find the information is (“I’m not


To be excellent, you have to be consistent. To be a great musician, you have to practice every day for decades. To be fluent in a language, you need to speak it each day until you can think in it. To be a successful athlete, you

Impetus to Grow

I don’t need to get up before 5:00 am even on days off. Except that I do. I don’t need to push myself in the gym or on the road or in the training hall each day. Except that I do. I don’t need to expand my mind by

Ode to a Luddite

“The problem’s plain to see, Too much technology.” Styx Mr. Roboto The other day I was asked to take a logic test by a Board I was trying to do some work with. This team had a

Week 1

It’s the first week of the year. Granted, ANY week can be the first week of the best year of your career, but let’s assume you are actually reading this at the start of an applicable calendar cycle for you. Let’s talk about how to