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You’re Crazy

“You’ll be fine. You’re you.” My friend the nurse told me the other night when I showed up for my first trail run ever. “You never stop, you’re resilient, and a little crazy.” I take it as a huge complement, but its


I ran a Ragnar (200ish team mile relay race) for the first time in person in over two years. The night before I slept outside, on the ground in a sleeping bag and it got cold and dewy and I was literally running on a few hours of


I am not exceptional. I am merely exceptionally disciplined. I am not a good runner, but I have logged the miles and will do another Ragnar soon and a few weeks after that my second ultramarathon. I don’t look like a deer,

The 3 Don’ts

I did my first live race in two years yesterday, and as with all intense endurance endeavors there are lessons to be learned from it. Essentially three rules for multistage events (triathlons, Ragnars, business and life) that if you

Championship Blues

Ever hit that big goal, and then have nothing left emotionally for a while? A post-partum feeling of emptiness and maybe even depression, the blues and blahs after hitting MDRT or having your best year ever or running that marathon?