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Show Your Love

Do you know your Love Language? Gary Chapman’s bestselling book “The Five Love Languages” details how everyone has a tendency towards certain demonstrations of caring, embodied in: Words of AffirmationQuality TimeReceiving GiftsActs

No Heroes

All my heroes have fallen dead to me from their cheating. And so I have no more heroes other than the man I am becoming, a future better version, untouchable inspiration of what I could be, of what I should be:

Tick Tick Tick

If the Russians decided to launch nuclear war and you had 18 minutes until the end of the world, what would you do with those moments? Call the people you love the most? Pray? Drink? Work? Eat all the

Competence Creates Confidence

Forget “fake it until you make it”. That’s empty bravado. Clients will be able to see through it. Be honest and authentic. If you don’t know, tell them so and what your plan to find the information is (“I’m not

You’re Crazy

“You’ll be fine. You’re you.” My friend the nurse told me the other night when I showed up for my first trail run ever. “You never stop, you’re resilient, and a little crazy.” I take it as a huge complement, but its