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Good Talk

Want to increase your perceived value with your clients? Lean in close, because I don’t want others to hear this. Closer. (Looks furtively around to make sure no one is listening). Ok, here is the secret. You have two eyes,

Space Race

It was a time of tension in the US, and we were striving against a foreign power in proxy wars all across the globe and in a grander, non-combat theater for world leadership. The Space Race was in full effect, and the old


I am thankful for the chance to help other people every day. I am thankful for the blue skies and the rain and even the snow. I am thankful for my family, even when they drive me insane. I am thankful for those that help me, or

Network 2.o

Last week I attended the Upstate Unleashed Conference (virtually), with a great presentation by author and consultant Brad Feld (co-Founder of The Foundry Group) talking about hierarchies and networks and like all good presentations it got