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Cries For Help

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and mental health is comprised of a variety of factors. I was listening to a lecture by Dr. Gabor Maté the other day and gleaned some insights that I think are important to share about

The Pause Button

Stop. How do you feel? Are you getting tired, and run down? Or are you invigorated? Where in your cycle of energy are you? Nature follows a rhythm of the seasons, and humans do too to a lesser extent.  We get inspired,

Resistance is NOT Futile

I was a scrawny, asthmatic kid. I couldn’t do a push up nor run more than a minute without wheezing and seeing stars. I’ve now run too many races to count and have completed multiple ultramarathons. I didn’t take a magic pill

Training The Will

Ever have a goal that motivates you to get up early and bust your butt before the sunrises to chase it down? Maybe it was running that marathon, or graduate school, or that licensing exam that made you get out of bed at o’dark thirty


Sometimes you just need to rest. So you don’t break. Because recovery takes a lot longer if you don’t do the preventative maintenance. Like sending the kids back to school after summer vacation and you close the door and