Happy Thanksgiving, eh?
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For all our Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

For EVERYONE, take a page from our Northern friends:

  1. Be polite.
  2. Be grateful.

I say please and thank you and sir and ma’am because that was how I was raised and reinforced through martial arts and military. You’d be amazed how far those little things, and holding doors and being a decent human being goes in this world.

And be grateful. Every day you can get up and go to work is a blessing and scholars and philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to Travis Tritt have said it.

Instead of giving you all sorts of boring stats or going into the neuroscience, I’ll just tell you it works. Here’s a link to some Hahvad studies that back it up.

So thank you for reading this. It would be cool if you actually subscribed because we like money, but even if you don’t I’m glad you took the time to read stuff from The Intro Machine and commit to making yourself, your business, and the world around you a little better.

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