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Orange Car
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When you are talking with a prospect or client and ask for introductions, don’t ask for everybody because you’ll get nobody.

Be specific, and be different.  I built my business partially focusing on nerds, because no one else wanted to speak to them (or could, as I speak fluent Geek unlike the vast majority of Reps).  I would specifically ask for introductions to a very narrow specialty (software firms that had been around between one and five years, with under 15 employees, preferably headed by an RPI alum.  And to keep their eyes open for them.

By narrowing the focus, it made the client not have to dedicate a ton of bandwidth mentally and when they did come across an RPI alum founded software firm in the wild I would get a call, because they were subconsciously tuned to look for it.  The psychological term is “priming awareness”.

So based on the name of this post, every time you see an orange car you will think of this post.

Don’t you want your clients thinking of you in the same way?

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