The Power of 1

0 571


Such a small, trivial number.  Until you look at the value of it.


Zero to One

Peter Thiel rightly points out in his book “Zero to One” that this tiny, quantum leap is actually the jump from “nothing” to “something”.  An infinite amount of growth as it were.


This increment is critical.

The first sale is always the hardest, it is the difference from being “in theory” to “in practice”.

It is the slight increase that makes all the difference.

What could 1 more introduction mean to you?  Could that one introduction be your career case?  Or be the person who introduces you to that case?

A person who never became a client gave me an introduction to someone else that didn’t buy anything but gave me another introduction.  That person bought something, but even better they gave me an introduction.  To someone that bought enough insurance to equal Court of the Table performance.

What if I hadn’t gotten that 1 introduction?!

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