The Successful Psycho

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Imagine for a moment where you could be in ten years in your career.  Think about the new car that you are driving, the tailored clothes, the staff doing the paperwork so that you can go and do the face time with clients that are generating thousands if not tens of thousands of revenue for you every single day.  Feel the leather of your seat, the heaviness of the ring on your finger and the watch on your right wrist.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Want to know what one thing will be most instrumental in getting you there?

Becoming a psychopath.

Hear me out before judging, because I am going to make a case based upon decades of research by psychiatrists and neuroscientists that is informed by evolutionary biology, as why psychopathy could make you rich and successful.  Suspend your assessments of the word and its connotations, and be willing to explore the positive aspects and benefits of becoming immune to fear.

Our society has seen a dramatic increase in anxiety over the past few decades, with 2/5s of new college graduates having received some form of counseling around stress management and reported negative effects from worry.  Given the amount of debt these recent grads carry and the not awesome job opportunities, the anxiety they feel is reasonable.  The fact that this trepidation is hard wired into most humans from our earliest day, back when being overly sensitive to the environment prevented us from getting killed by large dangerous animals or other early humans is something we cannot escape.  Our current over-stimulated world with lowered economic security and constant news feed of threats and danger certainly doesn’t help, and creates a situation that pushes many away from the financially uncertain world of sales (financial, real estate, etc) because of the perceived risk.

But what if it didn’t faze you?

What if risk didn’t bother you?

Imagine being hyper alert but unconcerned and unfrightened by the chaos.

Would being immune to the negative effects of the fearmongering of media and the constant stream of negativity help your career?

If you answered yes, you can start to see the advantage of a psychopath in the modern world.

Not a Patrick Bateman, American Psycho type

but one that is functional in society and has strong ethics, the sixth dimension of the OCEAN five factor personality typing.

One who can remain cool under pressure, understand and predict the actions of the people they are interacting with, and can use cold empathetic reasoning to make decisions to maximize outcomes.  Someone that is conscientious, extraverted, competitive.  Probably exactly what your hiring manager was looking for, and your trainer attempts to reinforce.  Especially if you can easily say “next” and move on to the next potential client with strong self-confidence.

All tendencies of psychopaths.

Also Presidents, with JFK near the high end of the psychopathic Presidential standards. 

USA – CIRCA 1964: A stamp printed in USA shows President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, circa 1964

Think about that, one of the most beloved Presidents having tendencies you’d attribute to Dexter or Hannibal Lechter.

The ability to manipulate others for your own benefit appears even more in CEOs than in convicted psychopaths.  Controlling the potential downsides is the difference between the corner office and a cell.

What if you could build rapport with your clients and subtly maneuver them into helping you build your Introduction Based Business by becoming a huge fan?  Is that psychopathy, or good business?

The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton

Now I believe you are starting to accept my thesis, that adopting some of the mindsets of those considered on the spectrum of psychopathy might reduce some of your weaknesses in your practice.

“Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins? Distinctly we see the difference of the colors, but where exactly does the one first blendingly enter into the other? So with sanity and insanity” proclaimed Herman Melville in Billy Budd.  Push yourself a little along the spectrum, a little past your normal fear mechanism and restraint point.  Not to daredevil level, but just a little more than where you were.

Then a little more.

A slippery slope with a positive result to your business as you become less worried about what others think.  As your confidence builds and shows to clients and peers.  A virtuous cycle, reinforcing your more aggressive tendencies that yield success.

No fear.

No doubt.

Supreme self-belief.

Come to the dark side and taste the success of the psychopath.

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