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I was tired.

Tired inside.

And I didn’t want to go workout, or work on my book, or go help clients, or really do anything.

So I did the first things I do every day: coffee and read a daily passage from a book.

Still couldn’t move into the next phase of my normal routine, and I could hear my heavy bag and the weights calling me.  Yet today their voice was weak, not the rallying cry of other days.

My book quietly mewed at me “pay attention to me.”  But today it was not cute, could not engage me.

I fired up Youtube and played one of the motivational channels that usually light my fire.  Not a spark.

So I sat down and just started to write.

One word.

One sentence.

Just start.

Then continue.

Push through the inertia and let your habits carry you even when you aren’t fully engaged to begin.  The good habits that you have built for a day like today.


Then don’t stop.

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