Trust The Process

Trust The Process
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“You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.”  Jeff Capel

Everyone wants the glory.

The adulation.

The results.

Making a million dollars.

Winning the title.

Getting that prize, be it the sexy sports car or the gorgeous spouse or dream house.

But you don’t deserve it.

Not until you’ve EARNED it.

Wealth, like power or fame, can not be suddenly achieved without work without serious negative consequences.

 “Strength does not come from winning.  Your struggles develop your strengths.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ahnold, The Austrian Oak

You might get lucky and get that huge commission on a single sale, but if you haven’t repeatedly failed and learned then you didn’t really earn it, and when that money is gone it is gone because you didn’t earn the scars and learn the lessons leading up to that big win that will guide you to winning again.

An early huge success is the worst thing that can happen to a rookie because it will poison your expectations  and give you too much too quickly, like the rock star with the monster hit that didn’t grind in the clubs and sleep in flea bag motels or the van as they cut their chops and built a following and skill set.  They get the accolades and the groupies and the fame and then POOF it disappears, never to return.

Easy come, easy go.

“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”  Viktor Frankl in Man’s Search For Meaning.

Trust the process.

Know that the work you do today may not show today, but will in the weeks and months and years to come.

Understand that today’s practice produces tomorrow’s champion.

Trade of an Eye for Wisdom Supreme

“I make of myself a sacrifice unto myself” declared Odin as he suffered for wisdom.

Sacrifice the enjoyment of today to your work, to build a brighter future and a glorious career.

Develop your plan and work it.  Have faith in your activity and your vision.

Trust the process.

Follow the guidance of your mentors.

Follow your Standard Operating Procedures.

Practice daily to improve your skill set.

Feed your spirit daily to strengthen your mindset.

Make the little right choices throughout the day, the small sacrifices that lead to big victories later.

Toughen your resolve in the face of adversity.

Callous your mind as David Goggins says, so that the pains of failure along the way will not stop you from your ultimate goals.

Love the daily practice to improve.

Hate losing enough to learn to win, to push through even when you are exhausted and feel you have nothing left to give.

Know that each of those steps brings you closer to the finish, and that others won’t reach it because they will quit while you never will.

Win each day, each hour.  Fight to maximize each minute to be better tonight than you were when you awoke.  Constantly strive for improvement.

Trust the process.

And you will celebrate the success, because you earned it.

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