Turn The Page

Turn The Page
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We have turned the page on last year.  Good riddance, but remember the lessons you learned.

This year is a brand-new book that you get to write.

Are you going to fill it with lines of excuses, or lines of excellence?

Are you going to dwell on what you should have done, or are you going to do it this year?

Are you going to do it today?

Not tomorrow, today!

What do you need to do TODAY to make it a success in the grand scheme of your Introduction Based Business, but also as a stand alone work so that you can say “today was a good day”?

How do you eat an elephant?  Small bites.

How do you do a million in production?  Small bites!

200 business days in a year means each day is $5,000 of production.  You can do that.

Better yet, to eat the million-dollar elephant, you just have to do $2,500 this morning.  You’ve had mornings like that.

Repeat this afternoon.  You can do it, you did it this morning!

Then write down what you did right, what went wrong so you can not make the same mistakes tomorrow.

Study the day that you had, putting it on paper.

Then turn the page.

Do it again.

Then turn the page.

When you look back and read the story of your year, you will be pleased, because you composed a masterpiece.

So pick up your pen, and write that first line of your greatest year ever today.

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