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It’s the first week of the year.  Granted, ANY week can be the first week of the best year of your career, but let’s assume you are actually reading this at the start of an applicable calendar cycle for you.

Let’s talk about how to set up your world to maximize your potential of blowing through your goals for the year, no matter what they are.  Here are a handful of things that I have had success with, as have many others that I’ve worked with.

  1. Weekly Goal. 
    1. Take your overall goal (let’s say 250k of production for calculations).  Divide it by 50, because we will assume that you take two weeks off out of the 52 weeks in the year.  Now increase that number by 10% (so in our example 250k/50 = 5k, plus 10% or 500 for 5,500 per week).  This is your weekly goal.  Why?  Because stuff happens, whether a sick kid or getting a concussion playing softball or sick parents.  Build in the “fudge factor” to have a margin of safety for things beyond your control.
    2. What is the activity per week to generate this production?  Break it down based on your own numbers (or company/industry standards if you are new or lacking tracking numbers to use).  How many times do you need to ask someone to buy?  How many Introductions do you need to get in front of these people?  How many times do you need to pick up the phone?  Know the numbers needed to generate the activity needed to hit your weekly goal.  Then do what you need to do each week.
  2. Calendar Control.
    1. Schedule practice time every morning.  Every day, so your skill set continuously increases and sharpens.
    2. Schedule client acquisition time daily.  Enough time to replicate the good days where you are running sufficient activity to hit your weekly production goals.
    3. Schedule research time regularly.  At least a few times a week book out the time to do the research you need to do on potential clients and build target lists.  If you don’t put it into your book, you will find a way to avoid doing this because it isn’t fun but it is necessary.
    4. Win early.  Try to hit a third of your weekly activity goal on Monday, so that you are mentally in the bonus round.  And remember: win the morning, win the day.  If you can hit your daily goal before lunch, you are operating in the bonus round for half the day and will be more effective.
    5. Rest.  If you are running hard each week, you need some time off.  If you planned ahead and hit your goals early in the week, there is no excuse to not schedule Friday afternoon off to recharge your batteries.  And once a month take a three-day weekend, just get all your production done in four days instead of five.
  3. Proper fuel.  You need the right fuel every day to run your machine.
    1. Eat well.  You need enough calories and high-quality ones as appropriate.
    2. Consume knowledge each day.  Read, audio books, Youtube videos.  Whatever works for you.  Empty calories for your brain are as bad as empty calories for your belly.
    3. Emotions.  You need love and friendship.  Get some, whether it is your BFF sending you a meme to make you laugh or your crush sending you a smile.  Hug from your kid or kiss from your significant other.  You need a few helpings of positive emotions a day from people you care about.
    4. Feed your soul.  Pray or meditate or whatever you personally do to connect with the greater Universe and grow in gratitude.  Do this religiously (pun intended).

These are all actions that require consistency week by week and day by day, but excellence is a habit and big goals can not be achieved by sporadic efforts.  If you want to do something significant, break it down and do the little things each day to move you on your way to business success and overall greatness.

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