What If?

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What if, for one week, you could be awesome?  I mean like off the charts, never seen before type of performance.  What would that do for your life?  How would you celebrate it?

Would you buy that awesome Tesla, that can out accelerate a Porsche yet is safer than a Volvo?

Would you then book that trip to Europe you’ve wanted?

How about you think bigger, like making a million bucks in a week because you just absolutely blew the doors off.

Buy that house with the land?

Is it Boat Time?

Or would you cut that massive check to your charity that you’ve always wished you could do?

What’s stopping you?

Oh, that’s right, you haven’t had that awesome week.

Well, why not?

What’s stopping you?

What’s preventing you from doing the work today to have that awesome week sometime in the near future?

Oh, you don’t want it badly enough.

You can’t taste the salt on your lips from being at the seashore on your trip, or the pressure on your chest as you accelerate in your new Tesla.  Believe it and see it, experience the reward in your mind then feel yourself being excellent and earning it. 

The smell of the new leather.

The warmth of the sun on your face.

Feel it.

Now that you have your mind around that awesome week, feeling the emotions and passions surging through your blood like the Quickening, manifest the actions needed to do it.

Who is your best client?  Write their name down, right now.

Now go start searching on the internet.  Use Linkedin, Google, whatever to find the best people connected to them.  Don’t stop until you have at least five people that you would never dream of calling because they are out of your league, too big for you.

Set up an appointment with that best client for this week.  At that meeting you are going to talk about what your awesome week feels like and what you are going to do when it happens.  Get them to see and feel and experience the excitement as much as you do, transfer your vision and passion to them.  Make them want that awesome week for you as much as you want it, so that they can experience the vicarious joy of your success.  Instill them with your desire and excitement, your drive for excellence.

Then slide them a piece of paper with those five names typed on it.  Just slide it across the table and say “These people will help me get there, and I know you know them.  How do I get in front of them?”

It’s that easy to get five introductions better than any you have ever gotten, that will get you to that awesome week.

That easy to completely change your future with a few awesome Introductions.

What if you did this?

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