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“Why do you do this?”

If a client hasn’t asked you this question yet, it will inevitably happen. You better be able to answer them.

More importantly, you need to ask yourself this question. As Nietszche said “He who has a WHY to live for, can bear almost any how.”

Your WHY will evolve over time, and that is because you are a human and we grow and change. What attracts and fires up a 22 year old single person and a 32 year old parent are very different. Find what fires you up now and use it for fuel until it is replaced with something more powerful, more visceral that will help you overcome the tough days and hangups and rejection and the other crap that is part of building any business, let alone an Introduction Based Business that serves others that maybe don’t have a powerful WHY.

I buried my best friend at 43. He left behind a wife and five boys.

My WHY is strong and makes me powerful, propelling me through barriers that stop those with a lesser WHY.

Find your WHY.

Then you can bear any how.

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