Will and Work

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Want to win?  All it takes is the Two Ws.

Will.  Work.

Will and Work.  That’s it.

Will is developed over years, by pushing yourself in uncomfortable ways, by choosing the less easy path that develops your internal reserves of strength.  By having the slightly uncomfortable discussions until they are no longer uncomfortable, and then being prepared to then go to the edge of that new comfort zone again and again to expand your horizon.

By running further on the dreadmill today than you did last week, which is further than the week before or the week before that.  Pushing your physical limit so that you have greater endurance and know the difference between tired and completely spent, and will push through the first by letting your Will command your body instead of the other way around.

By skipping some meals so that you know the feeling of hunger again, so that you can overcome those pangs and not let them distract you.

Cold showers, or running in the rain on purpose even though you hate it.  Because by choosing the difficult, uncomfortable situation you develop the mental muscles of discipline that can be used to overcome any burden in life, because your Will becomes indominatable and stronger than the barriers in your way.

Will power, the greatest power a human can develop.

And then Work.

Do the work.

Grind it out.

Do the little things that lay the ground work for the big things.

Do the steps.  A marathon is 26.2 miles for everyone.  There is no shortcut.


Pick up the phone and call the clients.  Run the analysis and variations thereof.  Ask ALL the hard questions (of everyone, including yourself) that your Will now lets you face without flinching.

Put in the needed hours, and even when exhausted tap into those reserves built on the dreadmill and do the long days and nights needed to bring your dream from fantasy to reality.


Work and love every moment of it, knowing that it is for your purpose, that you are getting closer to your goal, and that nothing is going to stop you because of your Will that powers the Work.

W and W.

That is the only secret to success.

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