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Why did Tiger Woods dominate golf for a decade? 

How did Senator John McCain and others survive the Hanoi Hilton? 

How did a pudgy guy with social anxiety and a lisp become the greatest insurance salesman the world has ever known? 

How did people such as Viktor Frankl survive the horrors of the Nazi Concentration camps? 

These people shared one characteristic that gave them the edge: indomitable willpower.

The Stoics such as Marcus Aurelius believed that “You have power over your mind, not outside events.  Realize this, and you will find strength.”

This internal power gave Frankl freedom in the most horrible of horrors, and gave McCain and Stockdale  and others the strength to endure.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people can’t, or won’t.” Albert Grey proclaimed to NALU (now NAIFA) in 1940

Resolve, or will, is the mental muscle of success.

It must be strengthened through resistance.

Resisting the urge to give up, to stop before the mission is accomplished.

Resistance to fatigue, to the lure of average and mediocrity.

Resistance to the snooze button, or the guarantees that sacrifice dreams instead of sacrificing FOR your dreams.

Resistance to taking the easy route instead of saying to yourself “alpha up” and having the difficult conversation with yourself and your client.

Being a champion is not a choice, but a thousand micro decisions every single day for years on end, each one bending the curve of the future towards a more desirable outcome by resisting giving in to the moment for the better future.  Each choice is a step towards greatness, because of the will needed to take that one step.

You probably aren’t blessed with superhuman hand eye coordination.  But you can choose to practice more, even after those with natural talents have called it quits.

You might not be 6’6” with the metabolism of a teenager.  But you can decide to not eat the tasty cupcake and instead make a healthier choice.

You don’t have movie star good looks, but can get up and do the workout.

You can practice your language every day, and remind yourself by writing ten times a day “I deserve 10 introductions today” to build your will set so that when faced with a client that offers resistance, you can overcome it because your belief system is stronger than theirs.  Because you have mental toughness from training yourself that they can’t comprehend. Because of your will to succeed.

In our world, it is not as much your skill set as your will set that determines the outcome.

Set your will and you will set your destiny for success.

From Frankl to Tiger to Feldman, the will to win transcends the game they play to unleash the indomitable spirit they developed through adversity.

You will, and you win.

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