Win The Morning 2

Wake Up and Win the Morning!
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Hey there sleepy head.

Wakey wakey, time to get up.

C’mon, rise and shine.

Get up and get moving.

Get up and get going. 

Enough.  Get your ass out of bed!

Jocko Willink, Navy SEAL leader proclaims “Win the morning.  Win the day.”  How do you win the morning?

First, go to bed!  Get to sleep earlier than you think is cool.  This will allow you to be rested to fight and win.

Secondly, get up early.  Dark o’clock.  Watch that sun come up, filling the world with hope.  Because sunrise is coffee for the soul, and you can start dominating while others are still dreaming.

Sunrise is coffee for the soul. JRRT

Third, get your blood pumping.  Exercise early so that your body is kicked into overdrive in the morning and your metabolism will rev all day.  Doing this again and again will make your body stronger and give you the endurance to compete all day while others peter out because they are physically weak.

Simultaneous to this, feed your mind and soul.  Listening to youtube motivational or educational videos while you do your planks or miles or lift will strengthen your resolve, get your mind ready for the day, and enforce your spirit so that you don’t flag in the face of adversity.  Some of my favorites are

Now fuel your body.  Healthy food, not a gut busting grease bomb or chemical concoction.  Protein will help your mind and keep you full: failure to fuel means you will bonk before lunch and lose the day.

Now get your butt to work.

And don’t listen to the news in the car.  There is nothing you can do about it, and the negativity will harm your champion mindset.  Keep feeding your mind, turning that 20 minutes into a power study session, whether technical info for work or motivation.

Get to the office, get your coffee, and get to work.

You should have the earliest appointments possible.  7:00 will let you meet with busy successful people before they crank up their day.  Work earlier than any of your competition and before the idiots clog the roads and distract you.

Those lazy rookies wandering into the office at 10:00?  You better have at least two meetings done before they stroll in, because the best in your field are doing that.

Also make sure that you are following your procedures and agenda for these meetings, so that you are in position to get your handful of Introductions before you get your third cup of coffee in the mid-morning.  Try to hit your daily goal before those rookies even show up.

Guess what?  If you actually do this you will see great growth in your production, your attitude will dramatically improve (as will your bottom line) and you can spend the entire afternoon in The Bonus Round, seeing how far you can push your core activity or daily business in a single day.

Then when 5:00 rolls around you can leave the office and go do what you want instead of cold calling and hating your life.

Because you won the morning, then won the day. 

Then in the evening you can bask in the glory of victory.

You earned it.

Just don’t revel too hard, because you need to get to bed.

So you can win tomorrow too.

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