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Tough Love
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Ok, time for some tough love.

You are not living up to your potential.

Admit it.  Look at your calendar and then look in the mirror.

How many days did you spend eight hours face to face with clients last week?  Bet you the answer is “zero”.  Isn’t that ultimately what you are paid to do?   How many hours last week were you in this situation, directly doing what you are supposed to be doing to move your business ahead?  What are you doing with your time?

Ok, let’s expand our definition of productive work to include other activities directly related to delivering your services.  So phoning for appointments, following up with clients/[potential clients, analyzing stuff for clients, etc.  Did you do this for a solid eight hours any day last week? 

Didn’t think so.

“But I’m sooo busy”.


You are wasting a tremendous amount of time.

Do you get paid to drive to a client’s site?  Probably not.  Wasted time.

Cold calling? 

Dorking around on the internet?

Between the hours of eight am and four pm you should be doing only client facing activities, or things that lead directly to client facing activities (like picking up the phone to schedule appointments).

No getting your dry cleaning.

Don’t go to the gym.


See the people.

Ask for introductions.

Do your job.

Or else you are going to have to go get a real job because you failed out for not working hard enough.

So enough tough love inspiration.  Get to work.


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  1. Steven English says

    Tough love for sure there! Keep inspiring, what can you do during those 8 hours a day to make each introduction more effective?

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