You Can Not Fly

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Man was not meant to fly.
So he made a machine to do so.

Women were not meant to run marathons.
Until they did it.

Reps can’t get 30 introductions a week consistently.
Except I did and you can too.

By using machines and tools to help you fly.

By changing your mindset of what is possible.

By altering your expectations.

Humankind uses our minds and tools to change the world around us, whether it was early strapping a sharp rock on a stick to fight off bigger, stronger, fiercer animals or developing agriculture to grow consistent food. We need to eat, and over the centuries we have become more and more effective at both farming and hunting through the use of technology.
Are you applying this sort of innovation to your practice though? Or are you relying on outmoded ideas and processes and ignoring technology and relying on brute force and hope to get enough introductions to run your business?
You have a brain. Use it.
Over 200 million Americans want what you have to offer. There are enough fish in the sea, you just need to be smarter about casting your net and believe that there are actually fish below the surface where you can’t see them. If you need to feed a village (or your office) you need to have a plan.
First, you need to make many attempts. It is said “The Master has failed more times than an amateur has even tried”. You need to cast your net often to catch fish. You need to ask every time you are with a client or potential client for introductions. Not asking is leaving your net out of the water. Improve your effort.
Secondly, you need to make sure your net isn’t broken. Fishermen repair their nets after they return to shore, to make sure that they are ready to go out again. Are you looking at the language you are using to make sure it is not broken? Are you taking the time to stitch it back together, stronger than before, to catch the bigger fish? Improve your tools.
Third, you need to make sure you have a big enough boat. A small dingy that you can row on your own can get you only so far from shore. If you invested in more capacity and assembled a crew you can get out beyond the shallows to where the water is blue and the fish teem. Fear keeps us in the shallows, content to catch small fry instead of risking and going after whales and swarms of larger fish. Fear of failure, contentment with “just enough”, these false limitations we impose upon ourselves and our businesses are like the restriction on the four-minute mile. Improve your belief.
Yes, you are not physically able to swim out two miles, dive down three hundred feet and wrestle a shark. That is why we build the boat. That is why we buy or make nets. That is where we use technology to overcome the physical limitations once we have overcome our mental limitations.

That is why millions of women run marathons a year: because they have overcome the mental hurdles.

That is why we fly billions of miles a year: because we have improved technology compensating for our physical shortcomings.

That is why you can and will get thirty introductions this week and every week: because you have broken through the mental barrier AND use technology to improve your performance.

Because we were not meant to fly.
We were born to soar.

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